Be Fair, Be Vegan. An Animal Equality Team

by | August 10, 2018

An Animal Equality campaign is now up on a billboard in NYC’s Times Square!

“Different, but equal”, is the name of the campaign from Be Fair, Be Vegan.

“What separates us, what makes us different, is as trivial as the shifting surface of our appearance. What connect us, what makes us equal, is as profound as the core reality of our shared sentience.” -Animal Equality

Unfortunately, animals are so rarely seen as sentient beings, as most of the world simply classifies them as items. Items that are numbered off into a butcher house rather than being known as a mother to a baby calf. It is scenarios like these that need to be expressed to people who don’t believe that animals are beings and have feelings and emotions like us. Some people classify dogs and cats as having feelings and emotions, but why not farm animals? What makes them so different?

From August 8th to September 4th, Animal Equality will be running a campaign showing the world how animals are exploited for the many things that humans use and consume and while they may be different, they are still equal to human beings. Because let’s face it, animals raise families just like we do, and people need to see that.

Thanks to the Animal Equality team, animals of all kind will be displayed to demonstrate that animals are not so different from you and me.

The billboard features side by side black and white photos of humans cuddling with their families and animals cuddling with their young as well. By doing so they hope to share the message of veganism to the general population. While not everyone in the U.S. is vegan, we are still making progress to make a change and to make veganism part of the social norm.

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