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Beyond Meat To Release Ground Beef Alternative This Year

by | March 9, 2019

Beyond Meat, the plant-based meat alternative company, famous for their ‘bleeding burger’, are releasing a ground-beef substitute, ‘Beyond Beef.’ The ground-beef style protein alternative is said to have the texture of ground-chuck, with all of the health and sustainability benefits of plant-based ingredients.

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Photo Credit/Beyond Meat/Instagram

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Beyond Meat To Release Ground Beef Alternative This Year

Beyond Beef is made up of a blend of mung bean, pea, and rice proteins. Cooks will be able to veganize any recipe that traditionally calls for ground beef with the malleable plant-based product. Is it Taco Tuesday? No problem, whip up some tacos. Fancy some ‘meatballs’? Mix up a batch and throw them into a delicious sauce.

Photo Credit/Beyond Meat/Instagram

The new product contains 25% less saturated fat than beef and has a beefy, juicy texture that will satiate both vegans and non-vegans alike. The plant-based meat substitute contains no antibiotics, hormones, soy, gluten or genetically modified organisms. Beyond Meat said on Tuesday, March 5, that its Beyond Beef plant-based meat substitute will be available in grocery stores by the end of the year.

Beyond Beef is a great new product that changes the idea of a veggie burger forever. With this new product Beyond will not only appeal to vegans and vegetarians, but also to meat eaters who just can’t get past the texture of a more traditional veggie burger.

Beyond Meat founder and CEO, Ethan Brown said in a statement that the company has been looking at creating a versatile product that gives consumers all of the benefits and versatility of ground beef while being healthy, environmentally responsible and animal-free, for a long time.

Beyond Meat have been consistently showing their teeth to the $1.4 trillion meat industry. The company are looking to give the meat industry a run for their money. In the last year, the LA-based company expanded its reach to more than 35,000 restaurants, grocery stores, stadiums, and universities. They have also built a 26,000 sq ft lab dedicated to creating new, innovative plant-based meat substitutes. There are rumors that the company are looking into creating an actual plant-based steak.

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