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Bodybuilder Kai Greene Inspired To Try Vegan By “The Game Changers”

by | October 24, 2019

Strongman Kai Greene has begun a seven-day plant-based diet after watching vegan documentary The Game Changers.

Greene, who works as a personal trainer and has won prizes in three Mr Olympia competitions, recently asked his Twitter following if they had any experience with plant-based diets. James Wilks, producer of The Game Changers, was quick to offer his advice and support.

“DM me on Instagram, and I can have our science team/sports dietician help with whatever you need. No one has more info on this than our team, when it comes to optimizing performance with plant-based nutrition” promised Wilks.

Greene is now trialling a vegan diet and has been sharing updates online, with one of his latest tweets reading “I’m tellin’ you bro #2020 gonna be diff…new plant based diet #GameOver.”

plant based vegan diet
Kai Greene is trialling a plant-based diet for seven days with the help of James Wilks (Source: Losangela / Shutterstock.com)

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Embracing A Vegan Diet

The Game Changers documentary debunked several popular misconceptions about the vegan diet, and has already compelled a number of people to give plant-based eating a try.

Many people have taken to Twitter to praise the film and the impact it is having around the world.

“When the beef and dairy industry is threatened by the truth they will do everything and anything in their power to criticize and debunk the truth… This happened with big tobacco, now it’s big ag’s turn” wrote one user.

“My friend from back home watched Game Changers and now she’s going to go vegan. I’d already had her eating plant based recipes occasionally, but now she says she’s all in. The evidence was too compelling” said another.

Have you seen The Game Changers yet? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!


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