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Brits Ripping Pregnant Meghan Markle To Shreds Over Lavish NYC Baby Shower

by | February 26, 2019

Oh boy, the British media are ripping heavily pregnant Meghan Markle to shreds after her lavish baby shower in NYC. Friends of the Duchess, Amal Clooney and Serena Williams hosted the event at The Mark hotel, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan last Wednesday.

Brits Ripping Pregnant Meghan Markle To Shreds Over Lavish NYC Baby Shower
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Brits Ripping Pregnant Meghan Markle To Shreds Over Lavish NYC Baby Shower

The bash apparently cost in excess of a whopping $200,000, with the penthouse costing upwards of $100,000 per night. Celebrity guests were treated to a harpist, crates of Sancerre, a flower arranging class and a meal prepared by world-renowned, Michelin Star chef, Jean George.

Even though the shower wasn’t funded by taxpayers, or by heavily pregnant Meghan Markle, the royal mama-to-be has been put on blast for the lavish party. The extravagant do seems to have ruffled some feathers across the pond. People seem to feel that Meghan is flaunting her wealth and celebrity status in a way that is a big no-no for a royal.

The Royals have been working hard over the last decade to keep themselves relevant. In the turbulent Brexit era, flashing her cash is not doing the Duchess, who has been dubbed the ‘difficult Duchess,’ any favors.

Newspapers such as The Times, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph have all posted criticizing headlines about the posh party. The Times claiming that her baby shower provokes ‘indignation,’ The Daily Mail asking what Queen Elizabeth would make of Meghan’s lavish trip, and The Daily Telegraph, supposedly the Queen’s favorite, reporting the glamour of the baby shower may have surpassed the Royal Wedding. Piers Morgan has even piped in, claiming that the Queen would be concerned about the affair.

Heavily pregnant Meghan Markle doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break from the media lately, with The Daily Star even blaming the Duchess on Prince Harry’s thinning hairline. The paper claims that Prince? Harry’s baldness has doubled since the wedding. I’m pretty sure one only has to look at his father, Prince Charles, to see where he inherited that from.

I like Meghan, and I’m not sure why the Brits seem to have turned their back on her lately.

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