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Brown Bear Recaptured 9 Months After Escaping Over 13 Foot Fence

by | May 3, 2020

A brown bear who scaled a 13 foot electric fence to freedom has been recaptured nine months after his daring escape.

The three-year-old bear — known as Papillon — enjoyed nine months of mischievous antics around northern Italy, before being lured into a trap and returned to captivity.

During his escapades in the wild, Papillon was reported to have damaged bee hives for honey and to have wandered across a motorway. He was also seen chasing livestock and shaking a caravan to raid the contents of a bin.

brown bear wild animal
Papillon was eventually captured after nine months on the run (Ruediger Jahnke/Shutterstock.com)

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Recapturing The Brown Bear

Papillon’s keepers had previously intended to release him into the Italian Alps with a number of other bears, but his chaotic nature prompted the decision to keep him captive.

Farmers in the town of Trione — where Papillon was finally captured — are said to be relieved that the brown bear is no longer roaming free.

“Never A Threat”

A local animal welfare group is now campaigning to have the mischievous bear released back into the wild.

“He was never a threat to man and will now be given a life sentence” said a spokesperson for the group.

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