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Christmas Hacks for Parents- Easy Ways To Make Holidays Manageable

by | December 25, 2018

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most overwhelming and stressful. Trying to create a magical time for your family while keeping your own sanity can be a tough act to juggle. I’ve created a list of Christmas hacks for parents to help make this holiday season a little more manageable.

Christmas Hacks for Parents
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Christmas Hacks for Parents #1

Put your kids presents together on Christmas Eve night.

Santa used to do this in my house when I was a kid. I’d wake up Christmas morning and everything was ready to be played with. Batteries were in, train tracks put together, there was even a typed letter from Santa on my Dolly Parton typewriter one year. It was great, it meant my parents got to wake up and relax instead of spending the whole day trying to figure out how to get toys out of the fort Knox wrapping.

Christmas Hacks for Parents #2

Make Christmas breakfast ahead of time.

I always felt a little left out of the Christmas morning festivities, I’d find myself in the kitchen from early morning until late in the evening, prepping and cooking yummy meals for my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but I’d like to be able to spend a little time in the living room with my family in the mornings at least. Prepare this delicious vegan french toast casserole the day before and just pop it in the oven on Christmas morning.

Christmas Hacks for Parents #3

Clean up as you go along.

The first five seconds of Christmas morning is the best your house is going to look all day. As soon as those kids jump into the pile of presents and start throwing wrapping paper and pieces of cardboard around, it’s all over. The house looks like a bombsite. A great #Christmashack I discovered a couple of years ago is to wrap a large cardboard box in festive paper and leave it by the tree. All of the wrapping and paper trash can go into it and you’ll have a relatively tidy living room, and your pictures won’t get photo-bombed by packaging strewn all about the place.

Christmas Hacks for Parents #4

The four gift challenge.

This has been a sanity and wallet saver for me. It used to be absolute mayhem at my house on Christmas morning. Gifts would be piled high in matching numbers for each child (heaven help us if Johnny got more gifts than Frankie). The kids would rip into gift after gift, opening each one furiously and then casting it aside to see whats next. The four gift rule is a brilliant Christmas hack for parents, it keeps the costs down, while teaching kids to be thankful for what they get.

  1. Something they want – Have your kids really think long and hard about this one, they get to choose the thing that they want the most, because so much thought went into it, they’ll actually appreciate it instead of throwing it on top of the pile after five minutes.
  2. Something they need – Do they need a new coat? Something for school? This one is a win for parents.
  3. Something to wear – This is one I splurge on a little, I take this opportunity to splurge on that pair of sneakers that they’ve been begging for.
  4. Something to read – Books are a great gift. Who doesn’t love getting lost in a story? I love to encourage my children to read by having them give me a list of books that they want, I’ll usually try to buy a good series where there is more than one book.

Christmas Hacks for Parents #5

Do a Secret Santa.

I have an enormous extended family, there are twelve aunts and uncles and probably close to thirty cousins. This means spending an absolute fortune every year on stupid little gifts for everyone. Why not have everyone put their names into a bowl and have each family member choose one person to buy for. That way everyone gets one decent gift instead of twelve pairs of c****y socks. It’s cost effective, fun and saves you from having a house full of cheap useless c**p that gets added to the counter mess.

For me Christmas time is about quality family time. I’m stressed enough on a daily basis already and Christmas just adds to the anxiety. These #Christmashacks have helped me maintain a small amount of sanity over the holiday. So hopefully this year I won’t be on the floor in the bathroom, rocking myself, with a glass of vegan nog.

Have more ideas on Christmas hack for parents? Share below.

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