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Coca-Cola Swaps Multi-Pack Plastic Packaging For Recyclable Cardboard

by | December 12, 2019

Drinks giant Coca-Cola is replacing the plastic packaging used for can multipacks in Europe with recyclable cardboard.

The new packaging — called KeelClip — will be gradually introduced next year in a bid to cut back on waste. By the end of 2021, all European countries will be using the cardboard packaging instead of plastic.

“The KeelClip will be used on all can multi-packs of up to eight cans,” explained Coca-Cola, “larger can multi packs will be bound by a carton pack, saving 2,000 metric tons of plastic and 3,000 metric tons of CO2 annually.”

The new packaging has been designed in collaboration with Graphic Packaging International — the company responsible for creating KeelClip technology.

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The move will save 2,000 metric tons of plastic every year (Photo: MAHATHIR MOHD YASIN/Shutterstock.com)

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Coca-Cola’s Global Sustainability Plan

The drinks giant is committed to making a number of environmentally friendly changes, and announced its global sustainability plan — A World Without Waste — in 2018.

“We believe in the circular economy, where plastic, glass, and aluminum are reused many times instead of being used once and thrown away” said James Quincey, Coca-Cola President and CEO.

The company is aiming to “collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells globally by 2030.”

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