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College Professor Carries Students Child, Tells Him “Take Better Notes”

by | March 15, 2019

Imagine you are a college student listening lectures from a college professor who is teaching while he holds your child so that you can concentrate more on taking good notes.  Sounds not very usual, right? A professor of mathematics at historically black liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia, US was adored for his unusual (and cliché bursting) gesture in a classroom.

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College Professor in the U.S. Carries Student’s Child, to Aid him “Take Better Notes” in Class

The math professor’s pictures flooded social media as it went viral. In an interview to CNN, the professor, Mr. Nathan Alexander explained that Mr. Hayer, the father to baby Assata, is a full-time student, who works two jobs alongside being actively involved in schools leadership programmes. Not to forget that he is a father too. Noticing Mr. Hayer leaving classes early to take care of his baby, Mr. Alexander reputedly asked him to bring the child in class as a gesture of accommodation. The father, Mr. Wayne Hayer (student) couldn’t find a babysitter, and now it seems the world got to encounter an unusually pleasing incident for his’ not finding a babysitter.’

The picture was originaly shared by a Twitter account called Original_Vaughn and was captioned as,

“Student came to class today with his child due to no babysitter or anybody to watch her while he was in class. My professor NATHAN ALEXANDER, said “I’ll hold her so you can take good notes!” #HBCU #morehouse #Respect ”

Reportedly, Mr. Hayer explained his situation about not being able to find a babysitter, the college professor carried the child for the entire 50-minute class to aid Mr. Hayer into “taking good notes.” Mr. Alexander told Buzzfeed News that he doesn’t have children and that he was quite worried that the child would start crying, but to his surprise, the baby was exceptionally well behaved. The professor further elaborated how he bounced the baby girl up-down and joked about sending her to sleep with his lectures. He humorously told the class that he knew the lecture got boring when the baby fell asleep. 

Such incidents, defying the otherwise unusual, shed light onto associate issues. Getting affordable childcare is essential because college Professor Alexander may not be found in every college.

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