Dealing With Cravings During Pregnancy

by | September 26, 2017

Cravings as a pregnant woman are fast, and relentless. From the food our partner is eating, to the eggs that would normally gross us out by the very thought of it. We find ourselves wanting the very food we find ethically and morally repulsive. So what can we do about it?


What we have to remember is that if we’re craving something that isn’t edible. like animal products. We are possibly lacking in certain vitamins. Babies are growing and need every available nutrient your body can give them. If you’re not eating a well balanced and healthy diet. You’re going to end up deficient. While craving food that you think will be the quickest route to fulfilling it.


When we are pregnant. It is recommended to have a healthy amount of grain, vegetables, fruit and protein sources. Yet we will sometimes skimp out on some of them, because of tiredness or morning sickness.


In VPP I read a lot of questions from new moms, who suddenly are ravenous for red meat. They can’t understand why. It normally turns out they are low in iron, or something else that red meat can give them a quick amount of. It’s also just comfort. As our bodies take a big toll of hard work, we want something to make us feel ‘normal’ again.


Another reason for cravings is because we are low on fluids, pregnant women need at the very minimum 10 fluid ounces of additional fluid intake over normal recommendations. Factor in the hot weather of the summer, and that amount increases drastically. If we’re not drinking enough, our bodies will confuse it with hunger, and we will reach for the nearest easiest snacks available. Which may be loaded with sugar and animal products. So keep that water bottle close, and set reminders for yourself to drink more.


Ensure that you’re eating at least 300 extra calories a day, and it includes a healthy amount of calcium, iron, protein, and Vegan Prenatal Vitamins. Taking a prenatal every day is an absolute must, including much needed folic for the babies health, and don’t forget that water bottle!

This is the long line of Parenting Choices We Have To Make. So hang in there dear parent. We will be with you every step of the way.



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