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Creating a Safe Nursery. Mistakes to Avoid

by | November 21, 2018

Your baby is the most precious to you and you wouldn’t like to take a single chance when it comes to their safety. Read further for some pointers that may come handy while creating a safe nursery for your munchkin. 

creating a safe nursery
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Setting up a nursery for the baby to be born is exciting and emotional experience for the parents. As an expectant parent, we all have bright new ideas, designs and colors in mind to set up a safe heaven for the upcoming child. However, safety is the top most priority when a nursery is being built up. Read further to know the top mistakes that generally parents commit and how to avoid them while creating a safe nursery.



Tips to remember while creating a safe nursery

Opting for a used crib: Cribs are one of the biggest nursery expenditures but your child’s safety is certainly more precious. Opting for a used crib to save a few bucks might out you in trouble.Outdated cribs might not only be potentially unsafe, high chances they do not follow the safety guidelines issued by American Academy of Pediatrics and Consumer Product Safety Commission. New crib manufacturers have to stick to the guidelines with compulsion.

Crib bumpers: Crib bumpers sure do look cute but can be a potential safety hazard that puts your child at the risk of suffocation and choking if entrapped. Keep all soft toys, pillows, blankets and quilts away from the crib whenever you leave your child alone to sleep in peace.

Furniture: Book cases, side drawers, bedside night stands- all of these add an oomph factor to the décor but if not anchored properly can be a big threat to your child’s safety. Your child will be exploring new things before you know it, hence anchor all future securely to avoid tipping.

Window guards and grills: As explained before, doesn’t matter how much you supervise, your child would still be on adventure trips of his own to explore the new surroundings. Install window guards and grills before your baby knows how to climb.


Strings near crib: Do not let any loose wires near the crib or within the reach of your child to prevent strangulation hazard. Keep mobile/ laptop chargers away from your child’s reach.

Electric sockets: This is one of the most crucial aspects of baby proofing the nursery. Children love to explore and nothing can withheld them from laying their hands on things they rather shouldn’t. All electrical socket should be high above the reach of your child.In case you cannot ensure this, ask an electrician to secure the sockets with tight shutters. Keep electric wires away from your child.

Keeping small toys and articles within your child’s reach: Ask any emergency medical aid administrator and you would be horrified to know how many children end up at hospital due to choking hazards. Keep all coins, small articles, toys etc. away from the reach of your child.

Hope these tips would help you in creating a safe nursery. Do let us know in comments. 



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