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Dairy Farmers Lose Battle With Vegans over the ‘Inhumane Milk’ Label

by | November 21, 2018

Credits: Nataliia Krasnenko

Vegans can now rejoice at the landmark victory ‘Go Vegan World’ has achieved, by making UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) side with vegans. In the landmark decision, ASA has agreed to label dairy milk as ‘inhumane milk’.

inhumane milk

ASA agrees to label dairy milk as inhumane milk

The crucial decision to call dairy milk as inhumane milk comes after several complaints filed against Go Vegan World, when they put up a advert claiming‘Humane Milk is a Myth’ in February 2017. One of the chief complainant being National Farmer’s Union (NFU), this victory comes as a moment of relief and joy for vegans all over the world.

However, the ruling doesn’t extend to British farm animals. As reported by Live KindlyDavid Bowles- ambassador of Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) said, “they used very emotive and anthropomorphic language, applying human emotions to a calf or dairy cow. I don’t believe we have scientific evidence to support that.”

Contrary to what Bowles remarked, a 2011 study claims that cows are capable of feeling complex emotions and form close bonds. If separated, they might experience anxiety just like humans would.

Another questionable claim that dairy supporters usually put forward is, ‘calves are happy as long as they are well-fed, have clean bedding area and can interact with other peer calves’. But there have been scientific researches indicating calves separated from their mothers face anxiety and lack socializing abilities. There are even video evidences of rescued cows crying for their babies, suggesting cows do feel the pain of separation.

Sarah Higgins, Director of Go Vegan World, has been quoted as saying, “We have been having this debate for hundreds of years on how to improve the conditions of those animals we use and it hasn’t been effective. We wouldn’t swap places with them.”

However small the victory, the decision is monumental for vegans all over the world, as dairy milk can now officially be called as inhumane milk.



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