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Death Of 21 Horses Leads To Indefinite Suspension Of Races

by | March 20, 2019

California’s Santa Anita racetrack had to suspend horse races indefinitely, after 21 horses had to be put down, due to the injuries sustained by them mysteriously over the last two months.

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Death Of 21 Horses Leads To Indefinite Suspension Of Races

The Los Angeles area park announced the major decision after a 4 year old racehorse had to be euthanized for the injuries sustained on her leg. This increased the count to total 21 horses who had been put down in the past two months.

Speaking of the suspension of the races at Santa Anita racetrack, Mike Willman, the spokesman of the park, told Huffington that it hasn’t been determined yet as to when the races would resume. The Stronach Group, owner of the racetrack, has reportedly ordered testing of its one mile main track. This is followed by the extensive ground radar testing of the track to find out what caused the surprisingly high number of injuries, to the horses, during training and races. Track soil expert Dr. Mick Peterson had earlier deemed it as ‘one hundred percent ready’, as reported by Huffington.

In a press release dated 27th February 2019, Dr. Peterson had said,

“The ground-penetrating radar verified all of the materials, silt, clay and sand, as well as moisture content, are consistent everywhere on this track. This testing ensures all components, the five-inch cushion, pad and base, are consistent and in good order.”

Dr. Mick Peterson

According to a report published by Los Angeles, the injury related deaths at the racetrack have almost doubled after December. The fatalities include the demise of Battle of Midway, the winner of 2017 Breeders’ Cup.

The decision to suspend races includes the two main races that were scheduled for the weekend.

Horse Racing Is Cruel

Animal rights activists and organizations like PETA have been calling out for ban on horse racing. According to PETA, the multi-billion dollar horse racing industry subjects the majestic animal to cruelties such as drug abuse, race fixing, injuries sustained during the tough training as well as racing, and often leads to the tragic end of the horse at slaughterhouse. Watch the video here to become aware of the horrific treatment racehorses endure during their entire life.

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