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With Music lessons Barred In UK Schools, Should Parents Be Concerned?

by | March 13, 2019

Just recently, the news about music lessons barred in United Kingdom schools spread like a wildfire and has sparked debate among the parents worldwide, on the lasting effects taking away a core subject will have on children.

What has been a vital force of life to many, and a cultural and extracurricular subject for generations, music is the recent victim of the fading-out emphasis on honing co-curricular skills in children. Public schools in the UK are reportedly facing a downward graph in providing regular lessons to students. Should parents be concerned, or accept the fact as fate?

Unimaginably Distressing

A survey conducted by the BPI on 2000 teacher in England reported that only 12 % of schools in deprived areas have access to an orchestra. One in five primary schools (public) teachers said there are no regular music lessons in their class. This report is in contrast to the 85% access to the lessons in independent schools. The downfall in providing music lessons to children in public schools mainly is causing distress among culture-enthusiasts and musicians alike.

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With Music lessons Barred In UK Schools, Should Parents Be Concerned?

The research suggests that the state schools in the UK has seen a 21% degradation in the last five years when delivering regular music classes to children is concerned. Here too the report is in contrast to a 7% rise in the same in independent schools (according to figures from BPI).

The deprivation from music lessons further widens when it comes to less abled pupils- only one in five schools in deprived areas of the UK offer music lessons to children. Chi-chi Nwanoku, the founder of UK’s first majority-BAME orchestra- Chineke said, it is unimaginably distressing to get to hear this.She went on to say that all these aren’t new to her, and she knows that the arts, such as music, and others are systematically being stripped out from their schools and that the less-abled children mostly face the circumstances.

The BBC reports a similar drop in schools of Wales and Scotland as well. Geoff Taylor, BPI chief executive, said he was profoundly concerned and has called the state for intervention in the matter. He went on to add that barring co-curricular activity like music is not only an inequality deeply unfair to children in the state sectors, but it deprives the culture of the creation of newer talents like Adele, Kanneh-Mason, among others.

The Concerns

Tony Hall, director general, spoke about the importance of music while launching this year’s music selection on Monday. He said music is capable of changing a life because ‘it changed his’. He further said that music could make you look at the day differently, and it can give you confidence that you’re probably unaware of, and can inspire you.

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With Music lessons Barred In UK Schools, Should Parents Be Concerned?

Therefore, some choices are supposed to be made jointly, if it means for the greater good. It is a call to the parents what they want for their children.

Private schools will still offer music lessons, showing the disparity of privileged children to those whose parents cannot afford private schools.

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