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Mom Bans Electronics of Children’s Friends

by | March 11, 2019

Picture this. Your teens invite their friends over to hang out. You walk into the den and see four kids sitting in silence playing on their phones. I bet you didn’t have to try too hard to imagine this scenario, as it’s a relatively common one. Two moms had a genius idea and make their children’s friends put their phones into a basket when they come over, and bans electronics from coming into the home.

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bans electronics

Bans Electronics a Growing Movement

Best-selling Author Glennon Doyle and Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion, Abby Wambach may be stars in their own right, but they do have everyday-parent problems. Specifically, getting their kids and their friends to interact with each other instead of having their faces glued to their smartphones.

Doyle says that she loves her kid’s friends and she wants them to talk to one and other when they are at the Doyle-Wambach household. The world-renowned author and activist, and her soccer superstar wife have their children’s friends check their phones at the door upon arrival where the mom bans electronics before they become a problem. Doyle said that they could do that because they are the ‘bosses of this house.’ In a post on Instagram, Doyle explains that the kids seemed exasperated at first, but then relieved. When everyone is distraction-free, free-flowing talking dancing, and laughing starts.

For the most part, the comments on Doyle’s Instagram post were positive and supportive, with just a few queries about how kids parents would be able to get in touch with them. In general, though people are really down with the couple’s genius method of getting their kids to interact with their friends. There were, of course, some commenters who didn’t agree with the couple.

“This kind of parenting is the only kind that is going to raise these babies to be connected to each other’s hearts and souls.”

“You are perpetuating pain and the oppression of young people.”

bans electronics

“Down with it as long as their parents know of this rule, and have you on speed dial.”

What do you think of their rule? Would your kids be down with a blanket bans electronics at your house?

bans electronics
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