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Mercury Is In Retrograde, And It’s Going To F**k Sh*t UP!

by | March 8, 2019

As of Tuesday, March 5th, Mercury is in retrograde. Unless you’ve been living under a gargantuan rock, you’ll have heard this phrase a lot. Apparently, I had created a cozy little boulder to shelter under. Because last year was the first time I’d ever heard of it, and after the crazy life-upheaving year I had, it all makes sooooooo much sense now.

Mercury Is In Retrograde
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Mercury Is In Retrograde

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So, what does it really mean when Mercury is in retrograde?

In lay-mans terms, your life is about to get f**ked up, basically. There are major negative consequences when Mercury enters retrograde. Basically, the planet starts spinning backward and causes all kinds of communication issues. From issues with technology to becoming overly-emotional, this planetary shift will undoubtedly have your personal life spiraling out of control for a few weeks. Yay, I cannot wait, ugh. Here’s everything that you need to know as Mercury enters Retrograde again, and how you can drive into the tailspin.

Mercury is in retrograde when it passes the earth in its orbit around the sun. The firey hot planet passes the earth three times every year. During these times, to us Earthlings, it seems like Mercury is moving backward, or entering retrograde. While the planet isn’t actually moving backward, it just looks like it is.

Even though Mercury retrogrades happen every eighty-eight days, they can still feel like a slap in the face when they arrive. Communication gets off kilter, thoughts are cloudy, and our personal sat-nav gets glitchy. The first retrograde of 2019 also happens to coincide with a new moon in Pisces. Together, these astrological events make this particular retrograde a bit of a mindf**k.

Pisces is an empathetic, super sensitive sign with a wild imagination. People born during Pisces are known for their emotional intelligence and depth of intuition. Now, pair that with the planetary shift of Mercury in retrograde and this means that communication will be messed up, wires are going to get crossed, and emotions will run high. Self-expression will not come naturally, and empathy may be lacking. So pretty much, any life-altering conversations you’ve been meaning to start with someone, should probably just sit tight until March 28th, when everything should spin back around to normal.

Basically, don’t sign any contracts, start any huge emotional conversations or try to use the fax machine! Good luck, you’re going to need it!

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