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Morning Star To Finally Go Full Vegan

by | March 7, 2019

If you started of vegetarian before going full vegan as I did, you probably have really fond memories of brands like Morning Star that are vegetarian-friendly and always came handy when it came to getting in some extra protein. Although some of their products are in fact vegan-friendly including their meal starters chik’n strips, spicy Indian veggie burgers, and roasted garlic and quinoa burgers not all of them are vegan-friendly due to the use of eggs in a majority of their products.

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Morning Star To Finally Go Full Vegan

Owned by Kellogg’s (Yeah, the same company with a billion cereals on the market), With their Twitter bio featuring “30+ products. Hundreds of recipes. Just what the world “ordered”, Morning Star Farms already has 50% of their available products suitable to vegans. Ingredients in certain Star products that are not vegan include varieties of dairy (cheese, lactose, whey, milk powder) and egg whites. Back in Summer of 2018, the company released a line of vegan-specific products to widen their audience and it must have worked. According to a MarketWatch report, Morning Star has committed to become a fully plant-based, vegan company by the year 2012. By the end of 2019, the company aspires to be at 65% as far as vegan products go.

According to an interview between MarketWatch and Kellogg’s head of global marketing for plant-based protein, Mel Cash, Cash quoted “More people are looking for options that are vegan. It’s for anyone who has the desire to eat less meat or more plant-based.” He also noted that the newly vegan products will not lose protein-content in comparison to the originals.

In order to celebrate Morning Star’s wonderful announcement to go fully vegan, a new vegan “cheezeburger” is set to release on March 7. The plant-based burger will be topped with vegan cheese and it will contain a whopping 23 grams of protein per burger.

It’s great to see Morning Star finally jumping on the vegan train. Until the brand has finished their vegan transformation, others such as Beyond Meat and Gardein have got you covered as far as vegan “meats” go.

Which of their products is your favorite? Will you stick with them through their transition to being 100% vegan? Let me know in the comments below.

Morning Star To Finally Go Full Vegan

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