Diapers And Nappies… Are They My Life Now?

by | May 8, 2018

Are diapers and nappies my life now? Yes, they kind of are. Babies will soil themselves what seems a ridiculous amount of times per day. So you should really get your head right with diapers because they aren’t going anywhere for a long long time. You do have options though and the choice will really depend on your personal preference. I always recommend that people use cloth diapers if you have the means… by means I mean a washer and dryer really. The main hurdle, or stop sign really, that people face is not having a washer and dryer. Most laundromats will frown upon you washing soiled diapers and nappies in their place of business – sanitary concerns and all that. So if cloth diapering will just not work for your family, that is okay. I’ll review a couple different brands of disposables below.


If you are going to cloth diaper, I suggest that you either join a used diaper trade group and buy several different brands or find a company that will sell you a trial set of diapers and nappies so you can try different types. The upfront cost of cloth diapering may be high but it works itself out in the end (hehe) and you want to spend your hard earned money on diapers that are going to work for you. And thankfully, as with a lot of other types of baby gear, the costs have come down drastically in the last decade.  We cloth diapered with our son and for the first few months of our daughter’s life…then sadly, we moved into an apartment (it was just much nicer!!) without a washer and dryer. We were tempted to use the laundromat anyway but it just didn’t work out.
Our experience using both has definitely given me some insight into the process and the pros and cons to both sides. So here are my suggestions for both:
  • Seventh Generation These guys are a company that has publicly committed to supporting the environment and creating products from sustainable sources. Their diapers have much less chemicals and bleaching them and are the eco-friendliest of the disposable diaper world.
  • Bamboo Nature are great diapers that are eco friendly and soft on baby’s skin!
  • Honest Company diapers from Honest Company. These diapers are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and made from sustainable products.
  • Babyganics are made with natural and renewable plant-based ingredients.


Cloth Diapers!
Cloth diapers just make me happy. They are so cute now and so inexpensive!
Things to know about cloth diapering:
  • You need a washer and dryer – this is an unfortunate necessity.
  • A diaper sprayer is a must – this easily connects to your toilet and allows you to spray diaper contents into the toilet.
  • Wet bags help when you are out – I had a few of them. If your daycare center is willing to use your cloth diapers, you’ll want a few for them too.
  • Pocket diapers are the best ones (in my opinion) and you stuff them with diaper inserts.
  • Pocket diapers come with inserts but you should buy extra.
  • Prefolds are cloth that is super absorbent and/or have the insert material sewn into them.
  • Flat diapers are like refolds but well, they aren’t folded or shaped.
  • Prefolds and flats need to have a waterproof diaper cover for them, called a shell.
  • These snaps are super handy for prefolds and flats.








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