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Dog Meat Ban Celebrated As “Major Turning Point” For Animal Rights

by | July 4, 2020

The import, trade, and sale of dog meat has been banned in the Indian state of Nagaland after a lengthy campaign by animal rights activists.

The ban has been hailed as a “major turning point” in the fight against animal cruelty in the country.

Although eating dogs is already illegal in most of India, the meat is still considered a delicacy in some of the north-eastern states.

“Wise Decision”

“The State Government has decided to ban commercial import and trading of dogs and dog markets and also the sale of dog meat, both cooked and uncooked,” tweeted Temjen Toy, Nagaland’s chief secretary.

“Appreciate the wise decision taken by the State’s Cabinet,” he added.

The decision has been criticized by a number of civil society groups in the area, who have described the ban as an “attack on food customs.”

dog meat market
The dogs are sold live at markets before being killed (Sutipond Somnam/Shutterstock.com)

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Dog Meat Ban — In The Wake Of “Shock And Horror”

The government was urged to take action against the dog meat trade following the recent circulation of photos showing dogs in “terrifying conditions.”

Earlier this week, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization (FIAPO) said it had been “hit by shock and horror at recent images” of the dogs, who were kept in “terrifying conditions, tied up in sacks, waiting at a wet market, for their illegal slaughter, trade, and consumption as meat.”

More than 30,000 dogs are believed to be smuggled into Nagaland every year as part of the trade, where they are sold live at markets before being killed.

The Humane Society International (HSI) is among those celebrating the decision to end the cruel practice.

“A Dark Shadow Over India”

“The suffering of dogs in Nagaland has long cast a dark shadow over India,” said Alokparna Senguptaand, managing director of HSI, “so this news marks a major turning point in ending the cruelty of India’s hidden dog meat trade.”

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