E-Cigarettes And Nicotine Patches While Pregnant Linked To Cause Of SIDS

by | July 19, 2018

What Is The Cause Of SIDS?

Mothers, in an effort to quit smoking when they learn they are pregnant, may turn to highly successful aids such as the e-cigarettes or patches to help them over the hurdle of smoking.

Yet, early research has revealed that it increases the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and it includes any form of nicotine exposure. Researchers discovered that it is linked to the cause of SIDS, starting from when the baby is still in the woman, affecting their central nervous system and cardiorespiratory responses to stressful situations when born.

A scientific researcher from the Geisel School of Medicine, Stella Lee, said “Sudden infant death syndrome is such a distressing tragedy for families. We still don’t fully understand the causes, but this research is important because it helps mothers reduce the risk.”


Originally published in the Journal of Physiology, the study revealed that exposure can trigger the failure of autoresuscitation – a key safety mechanism that protects an infant from oxygen deprivation.

It is alarming news that they are linked to, and can be a cause of SIDS, especially considering the therapies are suggested to women as an alternative to smoking while pregnant.

Senior author Dr Aihua Li, from the same school, stated: “We will continue to identify the possible predictors of risk and consider how we can treat infants who have a compromised autoresuscitation mechanism.”


In the United States, SIDS is the cause of over two thousand, or .05% of infant deaths yearly, and scientists are largely unaware of what the main cause of SIDS is.

Ways to reduce risks:

  • Place your baby on their back to sleep, in a crib in the same room as you, for the first 6 months.
  • Don’t smoke during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and don’t let anyone smoke in the same room as your baby.
  • Don’t share a bed with your baby if you’ve been drinking alcohol or if you take drugs or you’re a smoker.
  • Never sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair.
  • Don’t let your baby get too hot or cold.
  • Keep your baby’s head uncovered. Their blanket should be tucked in no higher than their shoulders.
  • Place your baby in the “feet to foot” position, with their feet at the end of the cot or Moses basket.
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