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Extinction Rebellion: London Parents Join Fight For Their Children’s Future

by | October 9, 2019

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of London to demand action on climate change this week. Among them are parents concerned for their children’s future.

The mass protests, organized by climate change group Extinction Rebellion, have brought several parts of the capital to a standstill already.

A Facebook post from Mothers Rise Up, a UK based climate activism group, shows a father of two in tears as he lies on the road with a photo of his children. According to the post, he stated that he is “very frightened” for them and wants to “stand up” for their future.

Earlier today several parents grouped together in a “procession of police-escorted buggies” to stage a breastfeeding protest, intended to draw attention to the youngest lives at risk as a result of climate change.

children protest at extinction rebellion london
Children have joined the Extinction Rebellion protests in London (Source: G Torres/Shutterstock)

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion protests in London are now in the third day, with close to 600 people having already been arrested.

The group has two weeks of direct action and civil disobedience planned, as they ask the government to declare a state of emergency and address the climate crisis.

Activists have set up camp in several key points across London, blocking roads and bridges and attaching themselves to buildings.

Boris Johnson’s father, Stanly Johnson, is among those protesting.

“I’m showing up here because I think what they [Extinction Rebellion] are doing is extremely important'” he said.

“From tiny acorns, big movements spring.”

Similar protests are also taking place in Berlin, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam and Paris.

extinction rebellion berlin protests
Protestors wave a flag at a protest in Berlin (Source: Juergen Nowak/Shutterstock)

Animal Rebellion

A vegan offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, known as Animal Rebellion, is working to show the public how the impact of animal agriculture is fuelling the climate crisis.

On the first day of the London protests, close to 400 members of Animal Rebellion occupied Smithfield Meat Market, one of the oldest and largest markets in London.

The vegan activists shut down trading at Smithfield as they took over to share their “vision of a plant-based food system.”

Alex Lockwood, a spokesman for Animal Rebellion, said the group was there “to send a message to the Government: this industry at the heart of the climate emergency has to be helped transition to a plant-based food system, with just processes in place to ensure workers can still feed their families, while properly tackling the climate catastrophe.”

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