Fast Food Chain Becomes First To Offer Vegan Chicken Nationwide

by | July 13, 2020

El Pollo Loco has become the first US restaurant chain to add vegan chicken to the menu nationwide.

All 485 El Pollo Loco locations across the US are now offering the plant-based Chickenless Pollo as a burrito or taco meal.

The chain first launched vegetarian chicken in February this year. The recipe has since been reformulated and it is now certified as vegan.

“The Needs Of Vegan Palates”

“Coming off the heels of our Chickenless Pollo launch in February, our customers asked for a vegan option on social media and we listened,” said Bernard Acoca, CEO of El Pollo Loco.

“We quickly reformulated the recipe in a matter of a few months to introduce an American Vegetarian Association Certified chicken alternative that met the needs of vegan palates.”

“It also allowed us to take a step further in the plant-based space and continue our long-term commitment to diversifying our menu with better-for-you options.”

el pollo loco vegan chicken
The fast food chain has rolled out the chicken nationwide (Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Chicken

Customers to El Pollo Loco restaurants can give the instruction to “Make It Vegan” when ordering a Chickenless Pollo burrito or taco, which ensures the meal comes free-from dairy products.

“With our longstanding commitment to championing making healthier eating more accessible, customers can expect that our menu will continue to evolve and diversify with additional plant-based innovations,” said Acoca, “without leaving behind our signature flavor attributes, by taking cues from our signature fire-grilled chicken.”

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