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Fast Food Chain KFC Admits To Animal Welfare Abuses

by | July 31, 2020

Fast food giant KFC has opened up about the quality of life its chickens endure before being sent to slaughter.

KFC has reported that over a third of the birds used for its world-famous fried chicken suffer from a condition called footpad dermatitis. This painful condition causes inflammation in the feet, and can prevent the birds from being able to walk.

In the report, the fast food chain also shared that nearly all of its chickens are “fast-growing breeds” that live for only 30 days before being killed. This unnaturally fast growth causes a number of health concerns for the birds, including failure of the internal organs.

“Improving The Lives Of Chickens”

“It’s great to see how transparent the business has been in providing valuable information and highlighting areas for improvement,” said Tracey Jones, global director of food business at Compassion in World Farming.

“Animal welfare is no longer an abstract issue and now more than ever people understand the importance of improving the lives of chickens.”

Approximately one billion chickens are supplied to KFC each year by a large number of different farms around the world.

chicken animal welfare
KFC has opened up about its animal welfare issues (branislavpudar/Shutterstock.com)

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KFC Animal Welfare

KFC plans to use the data from the first report to keep track of its progress as it works to tackle animal welfare abuses.

“They have a lot of progress to make,” said Lindsay Duncan, campaign manager at World Animal Protection.

“But we’re very happy that they’ve come out with this level of public data and transparency which they can now be held accountable on.”

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