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Follow Your Heart To Launch New Feta Crumbles Plant-Based Cheese

by | June 25, 2020

Plant-based food company Follow Your Heart has announced the launch of its newest product — Dairy-Free Feta Crumbles Cheese Alternative.

The new vegan cheese product — which will be on sale from June 30 — will be available at Albertsons and Vons stores in Southern California, and at Sprouts stores nationwide.

“Commitment To Innovation In The Plant-Based Space”

“When we founded the company in the 1970s, I was unaware of what we would accomplish and how much the plant-based market would grow,” said Bob Goldberg, the company co-founder and CEO, in an email to Raise Vegan.

“We’re excited whenever we launch a new product, but to be able to be the first to introduce a crumbled feta cheese alternative is a direct result of our team’s commitment to innovation in the plant-based space.”

“Cheese alternatives are a major focus for us, and we will continue to grow in this category.”

Feta Crumbles is made with just ten ingredients, and is free-from dairy, soy, casein, gluten, and preservatives.

follow your heart vegan cheese
The vegan cheese will be in stores from June 30 (Follow Your Heart/Provided)

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Follow Your Heart

The Dairy-Free Feta Crumbles Cheese Alternative joins the company’s wide range of dairy alternatives, including other dairy-free cheeses, sour cream, yogurt, salad dressing, and its best-selling mayonnaise alternative, Vegenaise.

For 50 years, Follow Your Heart has participated in the growing dairy-free, plant-based food market. As part of its environmentally sustainable practices, the brand manufactures its products in a Los Angeles-based solar-powered facility called Earth Island.

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