Starbucks Debuts Impossible Foods Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwich

by | June 23, 2020

Starbucks has launched a breakfast sandwich featuring Impossible Foods’ plant-based sausage patty.

As part of the coffee giant’s new summer menu, customers can now order the meatless breakfast sandwich at the majority of US locations.

“We’re pleased to add the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich, made with Impossible plant-based sausage, to Starbucks menu in the U.S., to meet the growing customer-interest in plant-based options,” stated Starbucks’ Chief Sustainability Officer Michael Kobori, in a press release.

Plant-Based At Starbucks

The new sandwich is by no means the first plant-based option from Starbucks. The brand currently offers soy, coconut, almond and oat milk, alongside various food options in select countries.

According to the recent press release, the chain plans to roll out further plant-based options as part of a move to be more sustainable.

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Impossible Foods Plant-Based Burger King
The meat alternative has also partnered with Burger King to offer a meatless sandwich (Michael Vi/Shutterstock.com)

Impossible Foods & Burger King

Starbucks is not the only quick-service giant to partner with Impossible Foods. In 2019, Burger King debuted a meatless Whopper in partnership with the meat-alternative brand.

Following the success of the plant-based burger, Burger King launched the Impossible Croissan’wich as a meatless breakfast option.

Meatless or Vegan?

Those who adhere to a vegan lifestyle should be advised that Starbucks’ new breakfast sandwich is not vegan.

This is primarily because it includes a fried egg and cheese as ordered. However, the vegan status of Impossible Foods is also hotly contested as a result of animal testing that occurred in early in the brand’s developmental process.

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