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Burger King Is "All In" For More Meat-Free Fast Food Options

by | February 11, 2020

International fast food chain Burger King has revealed it is “all in” when it comes to adding more plant-based options to the menu.

“I think it’s just the beginning,” said Jose Cil, the company CEO, “It’s a brand new category, it’s a category we are leading not just in the U.S. but globally.”

“We think there is a lot of work to do still in terms of raising awareness, what are the benefits of it, and then being able to offer some different products…so that the consumer could expand their knowledge of the product. We are all in.”

vegan impossible whopper burger king
The Impossible Whopper launched in the US last year (Deutschlandreform/Shutterstock.com)

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Plant-Based At Burger King

Burger King customers in the US have been able to enjoy the plant-based Impossible Whopper — released in partnership with Impossible Foods — since August. The UK version — the Rebel Whopper — launched last month and is made with a vegan patty from The Vegetarian Butcher.

In the US, the Impossible Whopper was recently added to the discounted two for $6 menu, prompting some to question the success of the burger.

“We felt introducing it in the two for $6 gave us the opportunity to make it accessible to a broader group of consumers,” explained Cil.

“That over time will help us build on plant-based as a core element of our business long-term.”

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