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Former Dairy Brand Goes Totally Vegan

by | July 8, 2020

A Polish dairy brand has completed a gradual transition to become entirely vegan.

Jogurty Magda launched its first vegan yoghurt using a coconut base in 2017. Since this product launch, the company has been exploring more plant-based options, and has now transitioned its entire line to animal-free products.

To reflect the successful change, Jogurty Magda has changed its name to Magda Roślinna — which translates to Plant-Based Magda.

“A Fully Plant-Based Brand”

“Our products are for everyone,” said Magdalena Kubit, managing director of Magda Roślinna.

“The decision to make Jogurty Magda a fully plant-based brand is a natural consequence of the continuous development of our product portfolio.”

yoghurt dairy brand
The former dairy brand is now totally vegan (Ahanov Michael/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Dairy Brand

Data shows that sales of vegan dairy alternatives were up by 26 percent in Poland last year. Additionally, the current global health crisis has prompted 20 percent of people in Poland to “perceive the plant-based diet as more attractive.”

The data also highlights how 54 percent of people in the country agree that products free-from animal ingredients are better for the environment.

“Real Commercial Value”

“The decision to focus fully on plant-based production is a bold step,” said Maciej Otrębski, strategic partnerships manager at RoślinnieJemy, an organization that works to expand the presence of vegan products in Poland.

Otrębski added that this transition “confirms not only the broad perspective of the Jogurty Magda’s team, but also indicates the real commercial potential of the market of plant-based yogurts, drinks or cheeses.”

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