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“Free Solo” Climber Alex Honnold Promotes Vegan Diet To Protect Environment

by | April 29, 2020

Alex Honnold — the climber who shot to fame after starring in the award-winning climbing doc Free Solohas taken to Instagram to promote vegan eating to reduce environmental impact.

“For some reason there are tons of folks who get mortally offended every time I post about how vegetarianism or veganism are better for the planet,” the pro athlete wrote.

“And yet it’s a fact that eating less meat and dairy is the simplest way for the average individual to lower their impact.”

Honnold went on to recommend that readers watch vegan documentaries The Game Changers and Cowspiracy, which he says are an easy route to getting better informed. Despite his having select qualms with each, he maintains that “the overall arguments are sound.”

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vegan smoothie
Honnold has been known to include plant-based smoothies in his diet (Teri Virbickis/Shutterstock.com)

Is Alex Honnold Vegan?

While not a strict vegan, Honnold has called himself a vegetarian or “transitioning vegan” and has for some time eaten plant-heavy diet, although he does occasionally consume dairy, eggs, or — in very rare instances — meat.

He shared his dietary philosophy with Men’s Journal.

“I try to minimize the environmental impact of my food – that’s probably the guiding principle,” he said. 

“So, mostly that means eating a vegetarian or occasionally vegan diet. But I’m always trying to think through my choices and do the least harm. Sometimes that might mean eating meat if it would otherwise go to waste, or depending on where I am.”


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