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Frozen Meat Giant Tyson to Announce Plant Based Protein Line

by | February 16, 2019

In what might come as a surprising move, Tyson to announce plant based protein line pretty soon. The company famous for frozen chicken nuggets is focusing on new vegan proteins and revealed that they are in development stages of making their own plant based proteins, which should hopefully be available this year.

Tyson to Announce Plant Based Protein
Tyson to Announce Plant Based Protein

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Frozen Meat Giant Tyson to Announce Plant Based Protein Line

Tyson’s President and CEO Noel White said the decision to look into plant-based protein alternatives is due to the rising demand for vegan options. The company is shoveling resources into creating protein alternatives that taste great and making them easily accessible for people.

Last week, during a shareholder meeting, White spoke about the fact that the plant-based food industry is rapidly growing. That people were looking for alternatives for chicken, beef, and cheese. Vegan foods aren’t only eaten by vegans, but by a range of people. People are looking to eat food that is healthier for them.

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Tyson to Announce Plant Based Protein

This is not the first time that Tyson has dipped its toe into the plant-based food market. In 2016, former Tyson CEO, Tom Hayes, with an ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em attitude, directed the company to invest in Beyond Meat. Last year hey announced the launch of their Green Street range of plant-based protein bowls. Grab-and-go meals with ingredients like lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa.

Last September, Tom Mastrobuoni, Chief Financial Officer of Tyson Ventures, appeared as a panelist at the Good Food Conference to explain why the brand has recently invested in vegan brand Beyond Meat, and cell-based startup Memphis Meats and Future Meat Technologies. Mastrobuoni said new industries need competition to thrive but there’s a common ground between them, and that is the need to feed the growing population more sustainably. Saying that Tyson is willing to participate in their own disruption by investing meat alternatives.

Tyson is said to be releasing more information about their plant-based alternatives in the coming weeks.

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