Gemstone Names For Babies

by | January 8, 2018

Our children are our most precious treasures so it comes as no surprise that naming babies after gemstones has become extremely popular. From traditional to ‘far-out’, these names could be your baby’s connection to Mother Earth and may also be a great way to pay homage to a loved one by using their favourite stone or one in their favourite colour.


Amethyst  A beautiful stone and a lovely name with Greek roots, Amethyst has been gaining popularity in recent years but is still fairly rare. As the birthstone of February, Amethyst could be the perfect choice of name for your February baby. This name also has plenty of potential for varied spelling and nicknames.

Emerald What better name for a child of Irish ancestry? Emerald would be a good fit for either a girl or a boy and can be easily shortened.

Opal Old fashioned but not stuffy, Opal is a simple and pretty moniker for any child and has lots of nicknames potential for such a short name.

Amber A great compromise for parents who find themselves torn between traditional and modern names, this name has retained popularity for generations. Amber is not technically a gemstone but a fossilized tree resin so has a connection to forests for nature loving parents.

Ruby Named from the Latin word for ‘red’, rubies are renowned worldwide for their dazzling beauty. A cute name that’s not too ‘out there’, Ruby will grow with your child into adulthood without becoming embarrassing.

Zircon/Zirconia An unusual sounding name either way, Zircon or Zirconia are relatively easy to spell, fairly well known words with an innate strength to them. Zircon is the traditional birthstone for December and is associated with balance, stability of the mind, and uplifting qualities.

Jasper A traditional Persian name meaning ‘Keeper of treasure’, Jasper was the name of one of the three wise men. As a gemstone, Jasper is thought to increase chi or life force in one’s aura and stimulate health, stamina, endurance, courage, and passion.

Onyx– Onyx is a strong and very unique name but is used equally for boys and girls. The gemstone is associated with bravery and protection, concentration, self control, and emotional stability.

Obsidian This gemstone is actually a type of volcanic glass named after the Roman who discovered it, Obsidius. Obsidian is thought to assist in cleansing one’s aura of negative energy so has a very positive feeling to it as a name.

Gem A simple name for parents who love all gemstones and just can’t decide which one to use as a name for their new baby! This name could easily be unisex and is perfect if you don’t want your baby’s name to be shortened into nicknames.

Sapphire A beautiful name with loads of nickname potential, Sapphire has been gaining popularity but remains fairly uncommon. Sapphire is the birthstone of September and is thought to boost one’s natural intuition. This precious stone is considered the ‘gem of gems’ and has traditionally been used to adorn the crowns of royalty around the world.

Jade This stone has enjoyed popularity as a name for generations but is still just unusual enough to make it fairly unlikely that your child will share their name with one of their friends. Easy to spell and easy to say, there won’t be anyone mispronouncing or misspelling this gem of a name!


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