Baby Names Inspired By Nature

by | January 6, 2018

There’s nothing quite like becoming a parent to make you feel connected to nature so why not draw inspiration from the natural world when choosing a name for your new baby?

From traditional to unconventional and everything in between, there are a myriad of names inspired by nature to choose from that will give your child a lifelong tie to their planet.


Rain – Fresh, pretty, and unisex. Rain is the sort of name that flows well with almost any middle and family names. This name has been slowly creeping up the charts and can be spelled in a number of ways to mix things up a bit.


River – Another water related name, River could also be used for a boy or a girl. Widely accepted as a name, not just a word, it’s a great compromise between unusual and ‘normal’.


Storm – A powerful name for any child. Storm is unconventional but is on par with the types of names that are popular these days so is unlikely to become an embarrassment as they age.


Ember – This name exudes warmth and friendliness and could easily be used for a boy or girl. The word ember refers to the glowing coals of a fire, which lends it a nice feeling as a name


Oakley – An old English name meaning ‘From the oak-tree meadow’. Oakley is a strong, earthy name that is different but not hard to pronounce.


Gaia – In Greek mythology, Gaia is the mother goddess who presided over the Earth. What better name than that of Mother Nature herself for your nature baby?


Atlas – Another character who featured in Greek mythology. Atlas carried the heavens on his shoulders and is still considered today to be a symbol of enduring strength. This name conjures images of a mighty figure, one to be admired.


Eden – From the Hebrew word for ‘delight’. Eden is a lovely name that is used for boys and girls alike. It is very unlikely that anyone will misspell this name and it’s simple to pronounce.


Brock or Brook – Both derived from Old English words for ‘a young deer’ and ‘a stream’. These names are on the more traditional side but maintain an earthy connection. They are versatile in that they can easily be hyphenated with another name or have a suffix, such as Lyn, added.


Summer, Winter, Autumn – All great names that age well. The seasons each conjure a different image and carry a different feeling. There’s a lot of potential for personalizing each one too. Eg: change the spelling to Somer or Wynter or hyphenate them with another, more traditional name.


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