Scandinavian Baby Names

by | December 16, 2017

Comprised of five countries with a common Germanic root language- Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Scandinavia has a rich history full of interesting mythology and legends. These names are derived from the languages spoken in this beautiful Scandinavian region and have meanings that sound as lovely as the names themselves.

Agneta – The Scandinavian version of ‘Agnes’. Agneta is most widely used in Sweden. This pretty sounding name, Pronounced ‘anyetta’, means ‘pure’.

Vidar – An Old Norse name meaning ‘forest warrior’ or ‘tree warrior’. Vidar is uncommon but not difficult to spell or pronounce. In Norse mythology, Vidar is the name of Odin’s son born to a giant. Quite a powerful namesake!

Aksel – A very cool boys name that has steadily grown in popularity in recent years. Aksel is a great compromise between modern and traditional names. Meaning ‘father of peace’, this Danish moniker has a tranquil feel to it. Whether you choose to spell it the Scandinavian way or personalize it.
Sonja – This name has been widely used outside of its home region. Sonja has become less popular recently so may be a good choice if you are looking for an uncommon name that isn’t too unusual. Meaning ‘wisdom’, this sweet name would suit a little girl but not sound too cutesy when she grows up.
Lennert – Meaning ‘heart of a lion’ or ‘brave as a lion’. This Swedish name is full of strength and character. An interesting alternative to the more common ‘Leonard’, Lennert would make a fine name for an adventurous little boy.
Gala – A girls name of Norwegian origin, Gala means ‘joyful’- what a perfect description of your new family member!
Britta – Shortened from the Swedish name ‘Birgitta’, which was in turn derived from the Irish ‘Brighid’. This name has enjoyed generations of popularity in its various forms. Meaning ‘strength’, Britta is a tough and funky name. It is cute enough for a little girl but also grown up enough for an adult.
Soren – A popular name throughout its region of origin. Soren is thought to be a variant of the Old Norse name ‘Thor’ and so means ‘thunder’. It is also possibly derived from a Danish surname meaning ‘serious’. Full of potential in the way of personalised spelling (Zorren, Sorin, etc). This name could be as ‘normal’ or as unusual as you like.
Sunniva – This beautiful name means ‘gift of the sun’ and is traditionally a girl’s name. It could work well for a little boy too, with ‘Sunni’ being a cute nickname for either sex.
Tora – An Old Norse name meaning ‘thunder’. Tora is a strong but sweet name for any little girl that would also mature well as she grows up.
Von – This funky boy’s name is from the Old Nordic word for ‘hope’. Unusual but simple to say and spell. Von is perfect if you’re looking for an interesting name that won’t be shortened, misspelled, or mispronounced.
Sanna – Derived from the Swedish word ‘sann’, meaning ‘true’, Sanna means ‘truth’ or ‘truthful’. This pretty girls name can also be a nickname for ‘Susanna’, which means ‘lily flower’.
Leif – An Old Norse name meaning ‘descendant’ or ‘heir’. Leif is a boy’s name that is traditionally pronounced ‘layf’. Since becoming popular in areas outside of its home region has come to be more commonly pronounced ‘leaf’.
Kelda – Meaning ‘fountain’ or ‘spring’, this Old Norse name is uncommon but has a familiar feel. A strong name for any brave little lady. Kelda could easily be shortened to ‘Kelly’ or be spelled differently to personalise it.
Tait – A short and simple Old Norse name meaning ‘cheerful’. Tait is traditionally a boy’s name but would work equally well for girls. It could also be spelled in a number of ways.
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