Arabic Baby Names

Arabic Baby Names

by | December 28, 2017

One of the oldest and most widely used languages in the world, Arabic is also one of the most beautiful sounding languages and tends to roll off the tongue. As well as sounding nice, these baby names have some lovely meanings attached to them and could be just right for your little one.


Ilham – This name means ‘inspiration’, ‘intuition’, or ‘muse’. Can be used for either a boy or a girl and is a nice alternative to William or Wilhelm.

Jamillah – A pretty name that sounds great with almost any surname. Jamillah means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic and has been steadily gaining popularity worldwide as a name for baby girls.
Tabassum – An unusual name which means ‘smiling’ in Arabic, Tabassum can be used for either a boy or a girl. With many possible ways to spell this name and shorten it to create unique nicknames, it’s almost impossible that your child will share their name with a friend!
Khalil/ Khalilah – Meaning ‘friend’. Khalil is a great name for a friendly little boy and it’s feminine counterpart, Khalilah, is just as sweet. Fairly common in parts of Asia and the Middle East, both Khalil and Khalilah are not used very often in the Western world.
Makram – This simple name has an obvious nickname in ‘Mak’ but sounds just as cool in full. Meaning ‘generous’ or ‘noble’ in Arabic. Makram is a great choice for parents who hope to instill those virtues in their little boy.
Nadiyya – The Arabic counterpart to ‘Nadia’. Nadiyya means ‘tender’ or ‘delicate’ and is the type of name that will mature really well with your child.
Na’im – This funky name has the sweetest meaning: ‘tranquil, happy, at ease’. Na’im would make a great name for any chilled out little boy. Although it is unusual, it is nice and straightforward in spelling and pronunciation.
Sakina – Translating to ‘calmness’, ‘tranquility’, or ‘peace’ in Arabic. Sakina is an beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. Uncommon in the western world, this name would flow well with most surnames so is a great choice for a little girl with a common family name such as ‘Jackson’ or ‘Smith’.
Shafiq – A very cool sounding name with a lovely meaning, ‘compassionate’. Shafiq would be very easy to personalize for your little boy by changing the spelling.
Zahira – The feminine form of the boy’s name Zahir, Zahira means ‘helper’ or ‘supporter’ in Arabic. Very similar names include Zahra, meaning ‘brilliant radiance’ and Zahrah, which means ‘blooming flower’. Each of these variations is very pretty with lovely meanings.
Zayn – This name has been growing in popularity in recent years. Zayn remains unusual enough to be a great compromise for parents who are struggling between choosing a modern name or a more traditional one. Meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘grace’ in Arabic, this name is simple in spelling, pronunciation, and translation.
Adila – A powerful name for any little girl, Adila means ‘fair, honest, just’ and ‘equal’. There are many ways this name could be spelled and a variety of possible nicknames can be derived from it.
Farhan – This lovely sounding boys name means ‘happy’ or ‘cheerful’ in Arabic. It is the type of name that would age well as your child grows up.
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