Names For Waterbabies

by | December 19, 2017

Water is a huge part of life and the subject of many poems and songs throughout history. It can symbolise freedom, balance, and surrendering to the flow of the universe. All of which make it the perfect subject on which to base a name for your new baby.

The following names are all inspired by and relate to water in some way, derived from languages all over the world:


Bardo – Meaning ‘water’ in some Australian Aboriginal dialects. Bardo is also a term used in Tibetan Buddhism to describe the transitional stage between this life and the next, where ones true nature is uncovered. A simple and poetic name that would suit boys and girls alike.

Katyin – Another Aboriginal name meaning simply ‘water’. Katyin has a more feminine feel and can be shortened to the adorable ‘Kat’.

Kano – A Japanese name meaning ‘capability’ and ‘god of the waters’, Kano is a force to be reckoned with. A strong name for your little world changer that is fairly unique without being hard to spell or pronounce.

Naida – This pretty moniker is derived from the name of the Naiads. The water nymphs of Greek mythology, the spirits who presided over brooks, streams, and other fresh water. It is also a popular name in Arabic societies, where it means ‘generous’.

Shui – A Chinese word meaning ‘water’. Heard often in western society in the term ‘feng-shui’, a philosophy that is all about bringing balance to one’s life. Shui is not a common name but when it is given, it is used equally among male and female babies.

Moana – The Polynesian sea god Moana lives on in languages such as Maori and Hawaiian, in which Moana is the word for ‘ocean’ or ‘great expanse of water’. The animated movie of the same name will no doubt inspire a rise in the popularity of this beautiful word as a name for baby girls.

Arika – An Aboriginal name meaning ‘waterlily’, Arika has a beautiful flow to it. A similar name in Scandinavia, Aricka, means ‘intrepid heroine’.

Kai – This one syllable name has roots in many cultures including Japanese, where it stands for forgiveness. In Finland it means ‘rejoice’. In Scandinavia, ‘earth’, and in China, ‘victory’. In Hawaiian it means simply ‘sea’.

Nixie – Once extremely rare, this cute and funky name has become more popular in recent years. It still remains uncommon enough to not be too ‘mainstream’. It’s roots lie in Germanic mythology with ‘Nyx’, a shapeshifting water sprite.

Dax – An easy to spell and pronounce name of French origin. Dax means ‘water’ and can also be translated to mean ‘leader’. This name has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently due to its cool simplicity.

Tallulah – This Native American name means ‘running water’ or ‘leaping water’. It has a beautiful, musical feel to it, perfect for a gentle spirited child.


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  1. Tina
    January 30th, 2018 @ 12:19 am

    Beautiful names. We went right for it and named our daughter Ocean. She is now 10, and still completely lives up to her name. ?

  2. Kate Timmins
    January 30th, 2018 @ 7:59 am

    Ocean is just gorgeous!

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