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Global Climate Strike Today: Largest On Record?

by | September 20, 2019

Today’s global climate strike shows promise of being the largest one on record, ramping up protests before the UN Summit on climate change. 

The day of protests started in Australia, where Global News reported that hundreds of thousands of people are leaving school and work to draw attention to climate destruction.

In North America, protests are scheduled around noon, though the ones in New York city have begun earlier than expected. New York city has provided amnesty to students who leave school to join the strike today, giving 1.1 million students the chance to protest without facing educational backlash. 

Even some large companies, such as Lush, are closing up shop in solidarity with the climate strikers, encouraging their workers to join in local demonstrations.

The New York Times has recorded large protests in cities around the world, — including Melbourne, Sydney, Narobi, London, Mumbai, and New York. 

Climate Strike
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