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Grandmother Who Wet Nurse Daughter’s 10-Month-Old Baby, People Grossed Out

by | April 8, 2019

How far did your mother go in helping you with your mommy duties? Perhaps she helped with babysitting, changing diapers or watching the kids so you could get some rest. But a 47-year-old grandma found herself in hot waters when she began wet nursing her daughter’s, ten-month-old baby. Reportedly, it isn’t the mother, rather strangers with no right or connection whatsoever, who are disgusted by grandma’s gesture!

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Grandmother Who Wet Nurse Daughter’s Ten-Month-Old Baby, People Find It Gross

The Sun recently shared the story of a nurse, from St Louis (Missouri), Julia Cannons (21) who gave birth to a healthy baby ten months ago. However, as time passed it was her mother, Angela Owens, who formed a rather equally close bond with the baby by breastfeeding her.

Though the mother and grandma duo are super happy and comfortable with the latest arrangements, it is the strangers who are having trouble digesting it. The Sun quoted the young mum as saying,

“People say it’s weird, unnatural and gross. But what is more natural than feeding a baby? It’s how we all started out. Wet-nursing has been around since the beginning of time”.

Julia Cannons , as told to The Sun

How it started?

Sharing the story with The Sun, Julia explained how it all started when her daughter, Naomi, was four-months-old. Angela had realized that she was still lactating following her youngest child’s birth. Angela was an over producer and had been checked for all health-related problems, with cat-scans done. One day, Angela looked after the baby while Julia took a few minutes break from her mommy duties and went to take a shower. The baby started squalling and needed to be fed. Angela had previously discussed with Julia about how would she feel if the granny wet nurse her baby. Since Julia was on-board with the idea, Angela breastfed the crying baby.

Since then both the mum and the grandma have been cluster feeding the baby alternately. The arrangement is comfortable for them and has helped develop a close bond between Naomi and her grandmother.

While some people find this gross and weird, the idea of a wet nurse really isn’t new. What is your take on wet nursing? Are you okay with someone other than you breastfeeding your child while you are healthy and lactating? Comment below.

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