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Vegans Everywhere Rejoice: Delivery Options for the Impossible Burger

by | December 13, 2017

The Impossible Burger Delivery made Possible

Back in March, Bareburger– a large restaurant chain became the first to serve the Impossible Burger and the vegan and health conscious fans celebrated being able to order the amazing Plant Based burger while eating in. Now Bareburger has teamed up with Grubhub, and it’s New York Regional brand Seamless, and the awesome vegan burger is available for delivery! Finally, we can all enjoy this highly desired meal in the comfort of our own homes!

Delivery of the Impossible Burger has been working on trail deliveries for months ever since its launch at Bareburger LaGuardia Place in Manhattan. Vegan New Yorkers everywhere are rejoicing that we can all finally enjoy our favorite burger with fast and efficient delivery!

As reported at Business Wire, “Now that Bareburger has become the largest restaurant group serving the Impossible Burger we can finally start sending it to our hungry guests along with all our other sustainable grub.” said Euripides Pelekanos Founder & CEO of Bareburger proudly commented about the launch.

To get the Impossible Burger with all the fixings, start your online order at or give a call to your local Bareburger.

Grubhub & Seamless Support the Impossible Burger

Thanks to the partnership, you can also order takeout from over 30 Bareburger locations available on Grubhub and Seamless! All of us at Raise Vegan look forward to chowing down on these heavenly Plant Based burgers at the office, this is truly a vegan dream come true! For even more information take a look at this marketing report. The world has taken one closer step to a more ethical, sustainable future!

Share your first delivery of the Impossible Burger on Instagram! Or show off to the other parents in our foodie group Vegan Eats 4 Smaller Feet. Be sure to check out our recipes for days you’re feeling like getting creative in the kitchen.


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