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Improved Nature Launches Range of Chicken-Style Plant-Based Products

by | October 16, 2019

Improved Nature has launched a new range of vegan products, now available at ShopRite supermarkets.

The plant-based all-natural chicken alternatives can be found across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. 

Improved Nature’s four new releases are Nature’s Nuggets, Nature’s Tenders, Nature’s Filets and Nature’s Large Filets.

“This is a really exciting time for us, as well as the food industry overall…there has been a growing demand for plant-based chicken alternatives,” said Improved Nature President and CEO, Dr Rody Hawkinsn an email to Raise Vegan.

“We have the answer with our flavorful, all-natural product line. Choosing Improved Nature products gives meat-reducing consumers a tasty and healthy alternative to eating chicken.”

 improved nature plant-based products
Nature’s Tenders are among the new vegan range from Improved Foods (Source: Improved Nature / Improvednature.com)

Plant-Based Proteins

Founded in 2015, Improved Nature uses non-GMO soy protein to create vegan food that “replicates the comforting taste and texture consumers desire.” All of the products in the range are marketed as being sustainably sourced with containing zero artificial ingredients. 

Demand for meat alternatives is clearly on the rise, with GlobalData revealing that “70% of the world’s population is either reducing meat consumption or leaving meat off the table altogether.”

David Swintosky, the Chief Financial Officer at Improved Foods, has said that “The company was formed to bring simple ingredient plant-based protein products to the commercial markets to meet the global demand for plant-based proteins.”

Improved Nature has also recently teamed up with Perky Jerky to launch a range of vegan jerky products across the US!

Have you tried any of the Improved Nature Products? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below!


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