Introducing Solids & Weaning – Part Three: Poop

by | September 13, 2017

We are just days into weaning our vegan baby by introducing solids and already I’m starting to realise something. When people told me about ‘solid food poop’, they weren’t just trying to scare me!

Before we started introducing solids, I wouldn’t exactly have described change time as ‘pleasant’, but it sure was much more pleasant than it is now!
First of all there’s the smell- how can the smell be changed so much by the tiniest pieces of solid food?! It used to be possible that our baby could poop and we wouldn’t realise until the ‘sniff test’ was performed. Even then I was sometimes unsure! Now I’m convinced I can smell him from across the room. Maybe since becoming a mother my sense of smell is heightened… I’m hoping that I’ll soon get used to it.
Then there’s the bits… it’s amazing how entire lumps of mashed banana, broccoli, and sweet potato can travel all the way through a baby’s digestive system and come out the other end seemingly unscathed. At first it caught me by surprise, then I remembered something I’d read about introducing solids. Adjusting to processing solid foods can take babies’ digestive systems a little while.
Chunky poop = normal poop!

The Upside To Introducing Solids:

Although they seem unpleasant, these thing are an indication that when solid foods are introduced, our baby’s body is reacting exactly the way it should. The seven different solid foods tried so far by our vegan baby have gone down well.

This is great news! It gives us the confidence to go ahead with adding more solid foods to our baby’s diet. It also allows him to become more involved in family meal times. These times are a fantastic opportunity for learning all about the names, shapes, textures, etc of foods. Perhaps even more importantly, sharing a meal nourishes our relationships as a family.
Our vegan baby is enjoying this new ‘game’ of exploring the different tastes, smells, and textures of solid foods as much as we are enjoying it. It makes us so happy to watch him discover new things about the world around him. The face he makes while contemplating the subtle flavour of avocado is hilarious! We love the cheeky smile he gives us as he discovers that rubbing a banana across the plate makes it slippery. The sparkle in his eyes as he studies how carrot sticks bend when pressed against his face warms our hearts.
There’s a whole world of solid foods out there’s for our vegan baby; weaning is just the start of this adventure!
I see a lot of laundry in my future but it’s definitely worth it.
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Author: Kate Timmins.



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