Solids and Weaning My Vegan Baby- Part One

by | September 13, 2017

Introducing Solids and weaning are scary and exciting times.
 This week my vegan baby begins the second half of his first year of life in the big wide world. It’s been quite a ride! It’s simultaneously been the longest 6 months of my life and the fastest that time has ever passed.
So far, our little guy has been hitting all the marks developmentally. He has consistently followed the 50th percentile lines on all the growth charts, and started to roll at around 4 months. While discovered the joys of playing with his feet just after turning five months old.
He turned 6 months old today and has recently been showing us all the signs that he’s ready to eat solid foods. Which I find super exciting and a little bit frightening at the same time!
With this milestone comes a whole new set of questions.
Baby led or traditional weaning?
How long should we wait between introducing each new food?
When should we offer water? Will we ever again be able to change his diaper without dry retching?
As a vegan, I have even more questions. Especially as my baby’s father is not vegan. He understandably wants to be sure our baby gets all the nutrients he needs. So I’ve been scouring the internet for every scrap of information I can find.
What I’ve read so far leads me to believe I can easily ensure that our baby’s diet includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals to help him continue to thrive. I’ve scrutinized my own diet in doing this.. As I’ve identified areas that need improvement. My vitamin C intake was lacking so I’ve boosted the amount of beans, tomatoes, and citrus fruits I eat. My iron levels will be helped by this too.
As B12 is the only vitamin that he will not be able to source from the food we give him. I plan to supplement my vegan baby’s diet with a B12 spray and/or fortified foods at around the one year mark.
Concentrating on his first taste of food for now (aside from the apple I was eating on the weekend that he slobbered all over!).
We decided to put the baby food maker that my mother-in-law bought us to good use with some sweet potato. He loved it! His daddy offered him a bit of mush, our little guy grabbed it and put it straight in his mouth.
He looked so intrigued by the texture, which made him cringe a couple of times!. Then swallowed without gagging or choking. He went straight back for more. I’m so excited to show him new textures and flavors!
I think mashed avocado will be next on the menu. Followed by some more root vegetables and maybe some steamed broccoli in a couple of weeks’ time.
Later this week my vegan baby is scheduled to see a community nurse for his 6 month health check. I know they’ll be very happy with his progress. I’ll soak up the praise and prepare for the future conversations that are sure to come up at the clinic around not feeding him animal products.
Weaning, step one: Introducing solids- So far, so good!


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