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Is 2019 a Vegan Stepping Stone?

by | December 10, 2018

As a vegan, you’ve likely asked yourself the question:  “Why didn’t I do this before?”

For many of us though, vegetarianism was the first stepping stone that we took on the road to veganism.  Not too many can claim to have made the leap from non-vegan to vegan over-night (although kudos to those that did!)

So what about those vegetarians that never go on to make the quantum leap to veganism? Should they be applauded for rejecting the idea that animals are merely foodstuffs or should they be called out for overlooking the misery of the egg and dairy industries?

The “progressivist” or “evolutionary” view of vegetarianism holds that it is a step in the right direction.  Given that billions of humans still choose to consume meat, vegetarians are in a minority by subscribing to the idea that itis not acceptable to eat animals.

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Does Veganism Need a Stepping Stone?

On the other hand, we have the absolutist view of vegetarianism – something that is way more black and white.  The absolutist view is that vegetarianism is a moral compromise that fails to recognize the totality of all animal cruelty and exploitation, including the consumption of animal by-products like eggs and dairy products.

So as vegans, how should we look at our vegetarian cousins?

Vegetarianism undoubtedly saves millions of animal lives every year.  But veganism undoubtedly saves millions more.

We now live in an age where information progressivism much anything is readily available, including the horrors of all forms of animal exploitation. So if one is vegetarian for the sake of preventing animal cruelty, what then the move up to veganism which prevents even more animal suffering and exploitation?

That said, without vegetarianism, would there be a lot was the vegans because as we looked at at the start of this piece, many a vegan arrived where they are at courtesy of vegetarianism?

A lot to ponder from a vegan perspective.

What do you think, is a stepping stone needed to reach a certain level, or is the overnight approach best?

Dave Hewitt

An Ohio-based British Masters post-graduate, and ever since I was a little kid growing up in 70s England, I’ve always hated animal cruelty and injustice, and vegan for six years. The sense of sticking up for the voiceless, the persecuted and the powerless remains as strong as ever. Married to Monica, my vegan life partner who works for NASA, we’ve been in Ohio since 2015, and have managed to drive on the other side of the road without incident thus far.


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