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Jaden Smith To Dish Up 10,000 Vegan Meals On Skid Row

by | October 21, 2019

Musician, actor and advocate of veganism Jaden Smith is teaming up with a plant-based cafe to give away 10,000 meals. 

Smith has collaborated with Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles to create the I LOVE YOU Bowl.

The aim is to sell 10,000 of the bowls in the cafe so that the same number of bowls can then be donated next year on Skid Row from Jaden’s I LOVE YOU food truck.

Cafe Gratitude Chief Inspiration Officer and Co-Owner Ryan Engelhart said of the plans, “Feeding your body with love but then also feeding another person who’s less fortunate with love as well…I feel like that’s the way the world should work.”

The I LOVE YOU Bowl is made up of black rice and quinoa, topped with chilli, roasted yams, maple Brussels sprouts, pickled onion and carrots, with garlic tahini and smashed avocado.

jaden smith vegan meals
Jaden Smith will be serving the free meals from his food truck (Source: Cafe Gratitude / Instagram)

Vegan Meals From Jaden Smith

Smith was inspired to start his food truck after working with homeless people during filming for The Pursuit of Happyness — a movie he starred in as a child alongside his father, Will Smith.

He said “Seeing it in real life, that’s what really made me decide to create the I LOVE YOU food truck, for something just to give back to the community.” 

Since launching in July this year, Smith’s truck has supplied vegan meals for free to people in need in Downtown Los Angeles.

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