Jon Stewart Joins Vegan Campaign To Tackle Cancer Risk Posed By Cheese

by | October 9, 2019

American comedian Jon Stewart has joined the fight against breast cancer, by backing a vegan campaign from the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

The campaign — dubbed Let’s Beat Breast Cancer — was recently launched by the coalition of over 12,000 pro-vegan doctors, with the recommendation that breast cancer warning labels be put on cheese.

Stewart’s wife Tracey is also fighting for the cause, as is award winning director James Cameron and his environmentalist wife Suzy Amis.

Jon Stewart
Stewart is an award-winning talkshow host (Source: Aaron-Schwartz/Shutterstock.com)

A Cancer-Fighting Campaign

The committee for the campaign is made up of a number of experts from different fields, such as breast cancer researchers, surgeons and dieticians. It also includes a number of celebrities and athletes.

The four principals of the campaign are that people should choose plant-based foods, exercise regularly, limit alcohol, and maintain a healthy weight.

a vegan meal
Could a plant-based diet be the key to disease prevention? (Source:mama mia/Shutterstock)

Dr Funk, The Vegan Diet & Cancer Risk

Head of the advisory committee, breast cancer surgeon Dr Kristi Funk, maintains that “What you eat can either fuel cancer, or help your body seek and destroy it,” and that “Eating whole, colorful plant foods helps your body defend itself from rogue cancer cells.”

Dr Funk has dedicated much of her life to raising awareness of breast cancer, and is the author of Breasts: The Owners Manual. She credits her process in writing the popular text for her discovery of the link between plant-based eating and cancer prevention.

Those who pledge to join the campaign will receive a free e-book of vegan recipes. They can also order the Let’s Beat Breast Cancer kit, which includes fact sheets on how to tackle the disease, a copy of Dr Funk’s book, and more.

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