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Kristen Bell To Host TV Special For Kids Tackling Coronavirus Concerns

by | March 27, 2020

Actor Kristen Bell — best known for her roles in The Good Place, Frozen, and Veronica Mars — will host a kids’ TV special tackling the coronavirus set to air next week.

The Nickelodeon special, dubbed #KidsTogether: The Nickelodeon Town Hall, is designed to be informative while keeping a heavy topic palatable for younger audiences. It will cover a number of common questions and concerns, leaning on the advice of medical experts and featuring real families braving the crisis together.

The special is slotted to premier Monday, March 30 at 7pm ET/PT. 

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Braving The Coronavirus Pandemic — “We’re All In This In This Together”

According to Bell, thriving during social isolation and a global pandemic is a matter of unity.

“It’s so important to remember that we are all in this together,” she said, in a Nikolodean press release. “Our kids and loved ones need outlets to help them process and understand what’s going on and, most importantly, to still feel connected.” 

“I hope kids and families come away from this special feeling a little more comfortable and that they enjoy some much-needed moments of humor during this difficult time.”


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