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Leading Artisan Food Company To Spend £63 Million On Vegan Food Factory

by | July 27, 2020

Leading artisan food company Finnebrogue has announced plans to invest £63 million in a new vegan food factory.

The company — which is located in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland — is aiming to build a 300,000 square foot facility.

Finnebrogue is set to create 340 new jobs with the opening of the new factory, which it says will produce the “next generation” of vegan products.

Earlier this year, the artisan brand launched a new range of plant-based products, which it called “game-changing.”

“A Delicious Plant-Based Range”

“We believe in producing gorgeous food which is good for you and for the planet,” said Denis Lynn, Finnebrogue chairman.

“That’s why we made bacon without nitrites or any other nasties — and why we decided to look at what was wrong with veggie food to see how we could make it the best it could be, without being bound by the way it has always been done.”

“After a lot of hard work, we have now created a delicious plant-based range that is packed with flavour and succulence and provides the no-compromise alternative to meat that so many millions of flexitarians have been crying out for.”

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Vegan Food Factory

Finnebrogue is one of many leading food brands to embrace the growing popularity of plant-based options.

Dairy giant Meadow Foods recently shared plans to open a plant-based facility, with a £4 million investment being used to build the factory in the north of England.

Even the world’s biggest meat company JBS is exploring vegan options. Last month, JBS launched a new selection of plant-based meat alternatives, featuring ground beef, burgers and meatballs.

Do you think more and more big brands will develop their animal-free selections? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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