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Major Supermarket Chain Reports 80% Increase In Plant-Based Food Sales

by | July 23, 2020

Major UK supermarket chain Waitrose has shared that sales of meat-free BBQ food have increased by 80 percent.

Revealing the boom in interest in vegetarian and vegan BBQ products, the popular chain shared that it’s not just BBQ food that is rising in popularity.

“Growing Appetite For Meat-Free Dishes”

“The growing appetite for meat-free dishes is reflected in recent sales, as shoppers look to explore the wide variety of vegan and veggie options this barbecue season,” said a Waitrose spokesperson.

“We continue to see rising sales of our range and know our customers are especially enjoying all the exciting and innovative new products.”

waitrose plant-based food
Waitrose has a wide range of vegan products on sale (AL Robinson/Shutterstock.com)

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Plant-Based Food Sales

In addition to the growth of in-store plant-based food sales, Waitrose has shared that searches for vegan products have increased on its website.

The company reported a 300 percent increase in searches for “Vegan BBQ sauce” on its website last month, as well as a 1,517 percent increase for “barista oat milk.”

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