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Lewis Hamilton Says Vegan Diet Made His Health “Better And Better”

by | March 20, 2020

Vegan racing pro Lewis Hamilton has hit back at criticism of his plant-based diet.

Hamilton — who has been vegan since 2018 — has been quick to defend veganism in the face of negativity.

“For The Animals”

“I think my health has just got better and better over the last couple of years as I’ve gone to the plant-based diet,” said Hamilton.

“I do feel a large part of the reason I have gone that way is because of the environment and for the animals,” he added.

“I’m able to lift more weight than I’ve ever done before and I haven’t been able to run further than I’ve ever been able to run before. That’s just enabled me to train better.”

The Mercedes driver has won his last three F1 competitions, meaning he is now only one title behind legendary driver Michael Schumacher.

lewis hamilton vegan driver
Hamilton is now just one F1 win behind Michael Schumacher (cristiano barni/Shutterstock.com)

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Lewis Hamilton Animal Advocate

The plant-based racer and animal rights advocate was recently pictured nursing animals back to health, following the Australian bushfire crisis.

“It was one of those days that really put things into perspective,” he said of the experience.

“Over one billion animals were impacted by the fires and it’s going to take years for Australia to recover.”

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