Lower Insurance Rates For Vegans?

by | February 13, 2018

An Israeli based insurance company has started a new initiative to give residents following a plant-based diet lower insurance rates.

The initiative is being rolled out by Clal Insurance and is called Vegans Pay Less (VPL), and is reportedly being supported by finance company Lavi. The company established VPL, which includes specific health and life insurance plans for vegans, at a considerable discount.

The discount will only be available to people who provide signed declarations of health and are members of ‘vegan associations’. The deputy CEO and director of the Health Division at Clal Insurance, Daniel Cohen, has came out publicly to say the company is dedicated to investing in the needs of the diverse range of it’s customers. As scientific research is continuing to prove plant-based diets are associated with reduced risks of health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, co-CEO of Lavi, Uri Eshel, hopes this new initiative will spark a new wave of veganism across Israel.

Speaking about the new initiative, Uri Eshel said “the VPL’s ultimate goal is to promote the declaration that vegan is healthier, and the establishment of this declaration will result in the greatest wave of veganism seen in Israel until now. Because of this, we are committed to promoting the growth of special services for vegans.”

Clal deputy CEO Daniel Cohen has also said, “With the understanding that veganism is a global trend that is developing, especially here in Israel, we decided to provide a solution to this segment of the market, too. Many studies reinforce the claim that a vegan lifestyle is healthier, prolongs life expectancy, and contributes to health and the environment.”

Israel has one of the largest vegan communities per capita, with 5% of the countries population identifying as vegan. The number of people identifying as vegetarian is around 8-10%, and around 40% of Israelis claim to have cut back on their consumption of animal-based foods.


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