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Man Dies After Tapeworm Hatched in His Brain After Eating Pork

by | April 7, 2019

A man in India recently died after consuming undercooked pork in an unfortunate and goosebump-inducing incident. The pork was contaminated with tapeworm, which laid eggs in the man’s brain, causing his untimely death. Sounds horrifying? It is.

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Man Dead After Eating Pig

The incident occurred in the Indian state of Haryana at Faridabad, where the man reportedly had several tonic-clonic seizures (a seizure caused by electrical discharge affecting the entire brain, causing an immediate loss of consciousness) after the parasitic invasion to his brain. According to the information given by the unnamed man’s family members, he complained of a groin pain affecting his right groin region for over a week prior to the fatal seizures. He was taken to the emergency unit of a Faridabad Hospital where he died.

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According to the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Nishanth Dev of ESIC Medical College, Faridabad, it was found the patient had a tender testicle, swelling over the right eye, and suffered from confusion and disorientation caused by the tapeworm. After an MRI scan of his brain, it was confirmed he was having neurocysticercosis. He had several swellings (cysts) in the cerebral cortex of the brain, which is responsible for processing the information gathered by the senses.

Neurocysticercosis is a life-threatening condition when parasite like Taenia solium, often found in raw and uncooked pork, take charge of the central nervous system, tissues and muscles of a victim’s body. Doctors used powerful anti-inflammatory steroids and antibiotics, but they couldn’t reverse the damage already done by the parasites.

Stories like this make vegans grateful to eat only plants, and may even sway omnivores towards choosing a plant-based diet. Fortunately, vegans are safe from potentially contaminated meat, but it is important to note that parasitic larvae can be contracted from other contaminated sources, as well.

Do you find yourself at a distance from these incidents as a vegan? Let me know in the comments below.

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