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Prince Charles And His Regular Meat Free Days

by | March 29, 2019

There has to be some reason why a 70 year old man would flaunt his torso. Whereas men of age would prefer to cover-up; they’d rather opt not to display the flabbiness of time that shows up on the body. What is that the 70-year old Royal, Prince Charles, do to defy the wrath of time on body, physic rather?  Read on to find.

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Prince Charles And His Regular Meat-Free Days

A Chiseled Seventy

Taking a pause from his tour to the Caribbean, the seventy years old royal took to a beach, his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall alongside. And to the shutterbug’s surprise, he was effortlessly similar to his young bod days. How did we know? The prince stripped down to a pair of floral swim shorts on the beach and that revealed his time-defying torso, which is, to say the least, would give a serious challenge to men, many years younger than him. According to the Express UK, his images were strikingly similar to those taken back in 1981 on an Australian beach (he was in his early thirties then). Onlookers and paparazzi alike went bonkers at the prince’s toned structure that is much lesser than his age.

“Charles looked absolutely incredible. He has a physique of a very fit man less than half his age. He is testament to living a healthy and actively lifestyle,” a person told the Mirror.

Prince Charles is now in his 70’s implying him as the oldest and longest-serving heir in British history. He visited Barbados last week and there happened the revelation of the trim torso of the royal prince. In fact, his current state of physics is so reversed in time (he looks young) that the media couldn’t but compare him with his “young eligible bachelor” days, said the Daily Express. Again, the royal heir is in his seventies.

How he Does that?

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Well, it is not saying Prince Charles is a vegan and therefore the lean physic. Charles had never publicly spoken of going vegan and there has been no official declaration for the same. But he’s shown concerns for the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment, Plant Based News stated. And it is a fact scientifically proven, plant-based diet is immensely helpful in maintaining proper body weight and muscle mass. Alongside helping to regulating blood sugar.

However,  this is worth mentioning, Prince Charles does maintain his ‘regular meat-free days’ as a part of his iron schedule which he voluntarily subscribes to. The Daily Mail reported exercise is one part of the story. The Prince reportedly consumes organic food, alongside eating in moderation. He skips a meal (lunch) and what’s more? He has his regular meat-free days. The Royal prince even likes to starve himself from time to time, in order to keep his weight in moderation.

Meat-Free and Lean-Body

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Association of a lean body with plant-based diet is from long. The sole reason being higher content of fiber and lower saturated fats in plant-based foods as they tend to be whole-foods and not processed, mentions the Healthline. Furthermore, saturated fat content is comparatively lower in vegan whole foods compared to non-vegan. We wonder, how more handsome and chiseled Prince would look, had he been a vegan! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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