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Pregnant With Multiples: Early Signs You May be Having Twins

by | March 27, 2019

Is two always better than one? Although only an ultrasound can detect having multiples while pregnant, many women out there swear that they knew beforehand that they had more than one bun in the oven. Are you early on in your pregnancy or do you want to become pregnant? Check these early signs, you may be having twins.

Early Signs You May be Having Twins
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Early Signs You May be Having Twins

Family History

If your family has had a history of birthing multiples, it is generally more likely that you may as well. Normally, the chances are very slim, at less than 0.5% of births in the US being identical twins. However, maybe you are a twin yourself so you should keep in mind that you may pass on this family gene.

Excessive Morning Sickness

A majority of  women who become pregnant experience morning sickness, but women who have experienced birthing multiples have said that their morning sickness was highly elevated. This does not necessarily mean you will have twins if your morning sickness is awful, but it is something to keep track of. This could be one of the signs you may be having twins.

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Hearing Multiple Heartbeats

Although it is possible that the same heartbeat may be able to be heard in different parts of your soon-to-be developing bump, during the later part of the first trimester a Doppler, doctor, or even a well-trained midwife could be able to confirm multiple heart beats.

Being Larger than Usual for Gestational Age

Women that experience multiple pregnancies typically measure larger than those with single pregnancies concerning uterine stretching and fundal height. These increased gestational age measurements may be caused by other aspects but it also can serve as an early sign you may be having twins.

Excessive Fatigue

Not necessarily a direct cause of a multiple pregnancy but again, something to keep note of, having excessive fatigue may be another sign to be aware of. Your body’s attempt to distribute nutrients between yourself as well as multiple babies can cause you to feel somewhat drained. Fatigue may be caused from outside factors such as stress, a new routine, or even a single pregnancy.

Got more to add to the list of signs you may be having twins? Let me know in the comments below.

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